Welcome to AZK Berhan DLS

We pride ourselves on the ability to teach anyone the skills and information necessary to pass the driving test on the very first try. Our young and highly experienced driving instructors are patient professionals who have been involved in the driver training industry for many years and will guide you on your path to your driving license.

AZK Berhan Driving License School is famous for examining the driving efficiency of governments and private company chauffeurs.

Our driving lessons have been specifically designed to assist students in learning not only the facts and figures necessary to pass the driving test, but also the practical skills behind the wheel they will be tested on. Created as a step-by-step program, the AZK Berhan lesson plan is focused on:

• Teaching students as quickly and thoroughly as possible in an expedient manner so they can earn their licenses fast;
• Offering students the flexibility they need to work lessons into their busy lives;
• Providing students with the encouragement they need to learn and achieve;
• Ensuring that driving school students understand how to remain safe behind the wheel;
• Building up student confidence through careful training and skilled guidance.